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A little about Table Plan Designs and why you should choose us

Table Plans

Text: Believe it or not, the most important part of the table plan is the text. Your guests need to be able to read the table plan easily and quickly. The font style should be simple but the size of the text should be large enough for your guests to read from 1.5m-2m away. If the text is too small or is an elaborate script, it will impact the time it takes for your guests to be seated for dinner so it is something that is worth getting right.
Style: Your table plan theme can be simple and classic or it can be a way of bringing in your creative personailities into your wedding.

In a few words...

Table Plan Designs specialises in bespoke table plans for weddings. Our table plans are handcut and mounted 5mm on top of the table plan surface to give you that beautiful and classic look.
The final guest list is between 3pm and 9pm on the day before your wedding depending on location. We do ask for a draft guest list one week before to allow us to mock up a design and allow for spacing but we don't finalise and print until the night before.
Table Plan Designs will deliver your table plan to the venue and an easel and frame will be provided on the day. We will take back the frame and easel but the table plan itself is yours to keep if you so wish.
Prices for our table plans vary from €150-€350 depending on theme, size and location.

Why choose us?

Table Plan Designs was established in 2011 to provide a service to couples getting married and hopefully reduce some of the last minute stresses of making a table plan.
We work with couples to bring their ideas to life in their table plan. All of the table plans you see on the website are personal to each couple and are unique to them. You will find more information on our service from Facebook, Weddings On Line, WOL Help I'm getting Married and Instagram. Regarding testimonials which we received by post and e-mail, thank you so much for these. It is great to get feedback.
Thank you to everyone for your word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. It really makes a difference.