F.A.Q. about Table Plans

Below are some frequently asked questions.
We do keep adding to them but feel free to give us a call if you have a question.

Q – How much is a Table Plan?
A – Table plan start from €50 these do not include delivery, price may increase due to required materials and number of tables.

Q – How much does a package cost?
A – Packages are personalised to each client and to their budget. For example, a package containing

• Table Plan • Table names for 15 tables • Place Cards for the top table • A4 sized coffee table plans • Welcome notice

Can cost anywhere from €200 - €500 depending on the complexity of design e.g. use of lace and flowers and also taking into consideration the transport requirements.

Q – Can I edit my guest list two days before?
A – Generally editing can be done up to 10pm the night before (depending on requirements) We will contact you to confirm if there are any more changes.

Q – One of our guests may not be able to to make our wedding due to personal reasons can they still be on the table plan?
A – Yes "emergency editing" can be made provided we are informed before 6pm the night before that there might be a last minute change in the morning and the guest is not moving table.

Q – When do I need to give my final names for the table plan?
A – We recommend the guest template being sent to us a few days or weeks before to prevent last minute pressure on the couple but we would require the final guest list 8pm the evening before the package is required (editing *)

Q – When do I need to give my table names?
A – When the package has been agreed we would require the table names at least a four weeks before the function or if it’s a late booking as soon as you have the names chosen.

Q – Can I just get a table plan without the added extras?
A – Yes getting a table plan without added extras is no problem.

Q – Is there a limit to colour /theme choice
A – There is no limit to the colour or theme but it is best to give us as much notice as possible so we can source the specific materials

Q – Is there a size limit to the wedding i.e. I’m only have 40 people to a function?
A – There is no minimum or maximum to a table plan or package.

Q – What does table plan designs provide?
A – Table Plan Designs provides bespoke stationery to the requirements of its customers for a function in a hotel or private location. A full list of items we provide can be found on the website.

Q – Do you provide specific packages we can choose from?
A – We do not at present provide set packages as we have personalised all of our packages to our clients requirements.

Q – I’ve made my own wedding invitations and want to use some of the left over material in my table plan, can you do this?
A – We believe in recycling materials so doing this is no problem provided there is enough material left for us to use or we can source the same material elsewhere if needed.

Q – I’d like to organise one for my friend as a surprise, can you do this?
A – Yes this is possible, we have done this before. We do advise to make sure that the bride and groom are not organising something themselves.

Q – When will my wedding package be delivered to the venue?
A – We deliver the table plan packages to the venue on the morning of your wedding. If you’re travelling abroad we can provide the package before your wedding ready for transport.

Q – Can I keep any of my table plan package after my wedding?
A – Yes you can keep the table plan, table names place cards etc if you wish.

Q – Do you provide the frame and easel?
A – We do provide frames and easels for use on the day and we can also make it to fit a frame which is provided.

Q – Do you deliver everywhere?
A – Yes we can deliver anywhere but there may be a small additional cost depending on location. We also can give a few options for delivering the package.

Q – Can I buy the frame that you use?
A – The frames that we use can be bought.

Q – Do you do gift vouchers?
A – Yes we do gift vouchers in any denomination.