Table Plan Tips

Suggestions on how to help make a successful plan

Tip 1
Sticky strips are a good way to layout your table plan as they can moved around easily.

Tip 2
- Spelling of guest / table names
- Punctuation (e.g. Paul O Doherty should be Paul O’Doherty or James Mc Carthy should be James McCarthy
- Capital Letters (e.g. Paul O’doherty)
- Duplicate of names (e.g. father and son should be (S) for senior)
We look out for all of the above but unfortunately sometimes they slip through (e.g. Paul Dohery should be Paul O’Doherty)
- We suggest to print off the list and go through it with a highlighter or do it on excel by highlighting.

Tip 3
Regarding the venue you have them for the table layout for the function room. You don't need it to start doing the table plan (tip 1) but the number of tables and size's can help.

Tip 4
When you have your invitations sent out, ask the Hotel for the number and size of the tables which they have, as some Hotels use large tables to fill a large room i.e. a table that seats 12 guests with elbow room for 10 guests or a table for 10 guests with elbow room for 8 guests. The hotel should also give you a layout for the room, do take into consideration at this point that you could lose one or two tables after the invitation replies come in.
The layout from the Hotel will give you an idea where to position guests. There are a few ways to do the guests on the Table plan:
- A set number i.e. 10 guests designated to a table and place cards are used to seat them in a specific way around the table.
- Assigned table i.e. 10 guests to a table and when they get to the table they seat themselves how they wish. This is probably the most common way that couples seat their guests as you assign your guests to a table but you don’t have the extra work involved in choosing whom they should sit beside also you save the cost of place cards.
- Free seating is where the guest is not assigned to any table and when they enter the function room they can sit at any table they wish. This might be slightly intimidating for some people especially if they don’t know any other people at the wedding and are unsure where to sit and it can also result in some delays if guests are moving around and cutlery / glasses are moved as the tables are now uneven etc. This type of plan would probably work best at smaller weddings if the guests all know each other.